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Book lovers pick up books, get mesmerized with the story, the subject, the prose, the facts or the drama, or maybe the pictures. Book lovers love books, the feel, the smell, and the easy access to see and search inside. We focus on great spiritual books, however we Episcopalians like to read other genre, so we include and can order any book in print, and many out of print.

Who are we? Good Books opened in 1993, in Santa Fe, in a shopping center. We used cash register stations, micro fiche and hand selling. Now we have quick web ordering, email (can you believe there was not email then?), and we continue to be personal book sellers. Our customers influence our selection of books by telling us about their favorite books and authors, and, we show them our current choices which open new worlds for them. Hand selling and personal selections are what made us successful and unique then, and what we still do today. At book tables we hear from surprised customers, "Wow, I never have seen these books anywhere else, and I love your selections."

Oh, yes, we can ship directly to your home or business.

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Book tables provide a wholesome expansion of any meeting or become the event itself. Please call me if you are interested in having a book table for your church or program.

We'll help you find your way.

Books are a wonderful resource to expand intellectually and learn Christian literature from the greatest minds and authors through the centuries. Faith is strengthened in the faithful through intellectual study and understanding of theological and contemplative books.

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